Know the importance of fireproof brickwork?

Fireproof mortar with steel building columns with something like a 120-minute standard fire limit is a dry mortar that is widely used in the construction sector because of its power to defend structures in the event of a fire, hence ensuring people’s and workers’ safety.

What are the impacts of fireproof brickwork?

The impact of vữa chống cháy on column steel buildings with a 120-minute standard fire limit. If a fire breaks out in a huge project that requires steel structures, the steel material would lose 40% of the building’s bearing capability at a temperature of 550 degrees Celsius. This causes the entire structure to lose its stability, placing it at high risk of extinction and causing significant damage.

Fire-resistant mortar for columns steel constructions with a 120-minute standard fire limit is a solvent extraction fireproof mortar that forms a coating in development to increase the overall fire resistance limit of steel structures, walls, and roofs, among other things. It helps to reduce the fire damage to any building. It is the best option for the workers also to have safe work.  With a fire resistance limit of 120 minutes, the package offers fire resistance for many structures, roofs, structural steel, steel columns, exhaust duct systems, and more.

How to ensure the building’s safety from the fire?

Fireproof mortar for structural steel columns is an ultra-light powder mortar made from artificial insulation fireproof materials that work to avoid fire damage, successfully insulates, and is simple to install. labor.

The mortar is combined with water to make a paste that can be sprayed or plastered adsorbed on the surface of steel and concrete constructions when applied. This mortar will develop a strong bond with the surface after it has dried completely, producing an effective protective layer.

The product is commonly used in load-bearing structures, which necessitates the employment of a passive fireproof substance system to ensure the building’s safety in the event of a fire. That is why fireproof brickwork is always been a popular one when it comes to safety measures.

The following are the main elements in fireproof mortar:

  • Plaster of vermiculite
  • Plasters and Concretes
  • Other substances aid in the formation of strong adhesion and hardening.
  • What are the features of fireproof brickwork?
  • Features of fireproof brickwork for a column steel building with a 120-minute fire resistance limit.

The utilization of fireproof brickwork for column steel buildings with a fire-resistance limit of 120 minutes has been shown to provide high fire resistance:

  • High fire-resistant performance, with a 120-minute fire-resistance rating.
  • The cost of construction is significantly less than that of other fireproof materials on the market.
  • High efficiency and quick execution.
  • The aim to quantify complies with all international standards and laws.
  • Because it does not contain asbestos, it is completely safe for human consumption.
  • Excellent adhesion to all types of metals, including primed steel and concrete.
  • Prevents your building from fire accidents.
  • Very easy and reliable to install, repair and maintain.
  • Long operational life.

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