Emsculpt NEO Dubai- Innovative Body Slimming Procedure

EMSculpt NEO Dubai is a state-of-the-art non-surgical procedure that strengthens muscles and burns fat in one session. It is an innovative, non-invasive aesthetic treatment that delivers tangible results quickly and effectively. Each session is only 30 minutes long with no breaks. It has become the most popular and safe, non-surgical device for burning stubborn fat while building muscle in specific body areas.

See how the magic works

It is the first of its kind device to combine two body contouring procedures into one non-invasive procedure. Burn that stubborn lard and sculpt your muscles. The construction of muscles is performed using HIFEM technology. This is high-intensity electromagnetic energy and is focused on stimulating muscle contractions.

With deep stimulation, it activates 20,000 muscle

Contractions in target muscle groups are not possible with regular training. Muscle tissue adapts to these extreme conditions and responds with profound remodeling.

Harmless, painless, or uncomfortable

HIFEM technology activates muscles to increase tension, clarity, and strength. The new-age tech allows patients to increase their muscle mass by 25% in one session. After treatment, the patient becomes more elastic, has strong muscles, and appears softer and thinner.

Fat Reduction made easy

The Emsculpt NEO body coloring system uses non-invasive RF (radio frequency) energy to heat tissue to reduce fat. It dissolves accumulated fat cells without causing discomfort or pain. Target fat cells are destroyed irreversibly. These destroyed fat cells are ultimately eliminated from the body through natural metabolic processes. It takes about one month to remove the fat cells, and optimal results are achieved after three months of the procedure.

Takes body shaping treatments to the next level

It removes subcutaneous fat in specific areas by up to 30% in one session and provides a slim, patient-sculpted look. This advanced non-surgical technique can remove stubborn fat and simultaneously remove target muscle mass.

Routine activity and a balanced diet are crucial for a wholesome lifestyle. However, it cannot be easy to achieve your ideal body shape, regardless of exercise or diet. Genetics plays a significant role in building specific muscles without losing the little love handles in specific body parts.

The innovative and advanced device can help men and women who are fit and healthy but suffer from stubborn fat deposits in certain parts of their body and build specific muscle groups. This body-shaping procedure can eventually result in the patient the desired result of reducing fat and increasing muscle.

However, it does not work like traditional liposuction, so it is not aimed at losing weight. Ideal for patients who are in good condition and have a BMI (body mass index) of 35 or less.

The target area of the body with stubborn fat accumulation

It can cover a wide range of areas. Advanced body shaping techniques can treat different body parts and solve common problems.


  • Improved hull strength
  • Hip strengthening and modeling
  • Flatten the stomach
  • Calf improvement
  • Added definition of biceps brachii and triceps brachii.
  • Reduce fat and strengthen your hamstrings.
  • Treat the anatomy of the abdominal muscles.

Say goodbye to love handles

The love handles are perhaps the most problematic area of the body to lose with exercise or diet. Fat accumulated in this area can be tough to remove. The body contouring treatment helps you lose body fat by targeting this problematic area of your body. Electromagnetic energy stimulates the destruction of these “love handles,” resulting in a softer, thinner, and clearer waist area.

Hard to believe, but the results will prove otherwise

EMSculpt NEO Dubai, with its 100% efficacy, has shown that toning and sweating have finally parted ways.

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