Soprano Ice Treatment: Advanced laser facial hair removal

A smooth body (at least partially) is a growing need for both men and women as a beautiful and clean appearance. The need for a body is already a basic need these days. Let’s face it: no one wants a hairy body, especially when it comes to dark, thick hair. Getting rid of unwanted hair is an age-old problem. Long-term hair removal is particularly challenging. Hair removal comes to meet the aesthetic need of a smooth body. Hair removal provides a response without enslavement of the old methods of wax and knife which causes beyond enslavement, cuts, pigmentation, and pain. In short, quality of life without damage.

The Advanced laser technology

Ifwe are precise the beam of light that comes out of the laser – burns the root of her hair permanently (without damaging the skin). A variety of advanced devices offer an integrated and effective solution for hair removal almost painlessly.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the various devices, effective damage is done to the hair follicles while avoiding damage to the skin that surrounds them. All hair removal devices are equipped with a unique ice handle, with built-in cooling that prevents burns and allows for more convenient and pain-free treatment for the patient. Whether the patient has light, dark or tanned skin, or thick or thin hair, techno beauty’s hair removal solutions achieve the most effective results in all areas of the body in safe, fast, and above all, almost painless treatments.

Painless hair removal

We used to think laser hair removal was a painful treatment. Therefore, in most people, it is the fear that prevented them from getting rid of hair on their body once and for all. But despite the old stereotypes that have evolved over the years, we must tell you that it is completely painless, and you can already begin to think about this treatment without fear.

The first laser machines worked at the same wavelength and were very painful. Due to the low wavelength, the efficiency of the lasers was not high. Before the treatment of hair removal, all patients used to come from head to toe smeared with amla ointment (an ointment that makes up lidocaine). But we live in the 21st century and technologies are changing and improving all the time.

The Soprano Titanium

The soprano titanium laser is the most advanced laser available on the market today. Soprano Ice Treatment is a technology that combines three wavelengths (alexandrite, diode, and medium) into a single beam. Thanks to this technology it is possible to remove the hair quickly and painlessly. Also, the titanium soprano laser allows the treatment to be performed even on tanned skin.

The laser is suitable for all hair types and skin tones.

Due to the laser presence of the ice plus system in the handles, the procedure does not hurt at all. Sopra no Ice Treatment is an advanced technology for continuous skin cooling and temperature regulator throughout treatment. The ice plus cooling edge made of sapphire minimizes the risk of the epidermis by capturing heat in the skin where hair follicles are treated. The temperature remains controlled and unchanged.

A match counseling session is essential there:

  • Candidate’s health statement
  • Skin and hair type test
  • Determining areas of the body intended for the treatment
  • The recommended amount of laser treatments
  • Your goals from therapy and results that are likely to be expected

Is the possibility of laser hair removal inside?

Facial hair is a phenomenon that both men and women face. Suffer from the growth of hair on the face and want to remove it with a laser? All you have to do is go to the beauty clinic. Why? Because of the impressive experience, materials, technology, and service.

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